Cayer views the world in complex and unusual ways.”

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Searching for Signal

A new poetry collection by Lori Cayer

$17.95, April 2021
96 pages, 978-1773240916
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Searching for Signal is a long poem that bears witness to the quotidian, disorienting shifts of grief as a father makes his way toward his death over three seasons.

This is mourning conducted in situ, the gift of observing one man quietly taking his leave and the impacted hole it leaves behind. The language is a mix of narrative lyric and fragmentary breath-spaced verse; the silences are his private silences, alluding to memory, family trauma, and shame. The hunter, the gatherer who never stopped trying for epiphanies, a daughter engaged in the same effort, frankly facing the span of a swift human lifetime that may pass without revelation or resolution.

If there is redemption, it is in the daughter bringing clarity to the physical condition of living and dying and the emotional intricacies of existence.

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